Based in Los Angeles for over 20 years, we offer traditional classroom training, customized on-site courses and live on-line on classes.

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Unparalleled Blended Training Solutions

shutterstock 185286974At Rev UP, our accredited, integrated training solutions give our clients' workforce the competitive advantage they need in a world of ever-changing technology. As leaders and innovators in the training industry - we guarantee our clients complete satisfaction with our services.

Because every company is different and has special training requirements, in addition to our diverse curriculum, Rev UP also offers individually designed custom-built programs to perfectly fit your departments’ needs.

Rev UP excels at customized training solutions for complex challenges, be it a software application, developing web or mobile apps, workflow issues, media or asset management, encoding video, content creation, video production, or switching editing systems. Rev UP understands technology from the inside out!

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From Media Arts To Computer Programming and more...

shutterstock 226254091Rev UP supplies expert training for any creative software package - Apple, Adobe Creative Cloud, Avid, DaVinci, Microsoft, etc., along with IT and computer programming - Cisco, RedHat, Python, Spark, JavaScript, Objective C, and more. Our training schedules are flexible and can be organized around your facility’s timetable. We develop our courses to be cost-effective and can design training which will work within your budget.

Rest assured, you will be in the best of hands with Rev UP’s Certified Instructors who are all real-world experts in their individual fields. Many of them are on the software Beta teams and are amongst the first to know about their new features and how they will benefit your staff.

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Flexible Trainng Delivery

shutterstock 85447990In today's business world, time is always at a premium. The need to expand/update training and revitalize marketing efforts remains at the top of any company’s priority list. By partnering with Rev UP for all of your tech/creative training needs, you will increase productivity and save time and money. Rev UP has vast experience in onsite education - satisfying a wide range of clients from giants in industry - to governments - educational institutions - organizations - start-ups - and all sizes of companies.

 We also offer our innovative training solutions in traditional classroom environments, live-online instruction, and archived video training programs. In addition, Rev UP provides post class, 'on the job' support, as well as on-going self-study programs. Rev UP also specializes in the development and design of eLearning Portals that are available 24/7. Our consulting and tech/creative evaluation services help you identify and solve problems to ensure the achievement of your goals.

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eLearning Solutions

shutterstock 217410763As one of our clients, DirecTV, discovered – a harsh reality is when you hire a new recruit, someone has to show them the ropes, to teach them everything from the email system to how and why your company works the way it does. This can steal valuable time away from your experienced employees who have to take on this mentoring role while juggling their other responsibilities. 

Rev UP is able to solve these training dilemmas by designing an online curriculum that encompasses everything from An Introduction to Your Company - Product Knowledge - How Your Enterprise Network Functions - Using Social Media to Sell Your Brand, etc. Your staff will be learning the correct and vital information you need them to know from the get-go via their computer or mobile device and feel more confident with their job performance skills.

The eLearning Portal we design for you will be branded in your company's logo and styled accordingly. Furthermore, we can also administer the Portal and handle all of your backend reporting including processing staff testing scores.

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Training Is Your Best Investment

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Is your staff maximizing the software your company invested in to drive its business forward? Even the most experienced staff may not know all the depth and tricks-of-the-trade needed to attain their full creativity - efficiency - and potential. Our expert trainers will have your employees’ heads spinning when they realize how much more they can achieve with their software packages! Your company will reap the financial rewards from obtaining Rev UP’S cutting-edge training that allows you to STAY COMPETITIVE!

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin

Contact us for a free, no obligation training proposal and discover why Rev UP Tech has the stellar reputation it does. 

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Rev Up Tech qualifies as a diversity business, U.S. based, woman owned technology company and is registered with CCR.

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