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New Courses For Today's Changing World


Learn HTML, CSS, World Press, JavaScript App Development...

In today's world, it is very important to keep up with a variety of new skill sets, no matter what your job title is. Oftentimes with the current economics, you may get hired to do one job, like editing content for the web, and then find youself having to know HTML to get the content up on the web, or you suddenly find youself in charge of social media for your company. To meet the growing demands of today's market place, we are offering some new courses in conjunction with our new partner, Academy X, to help you stay on top of your game. Rev Up Your Tech Skills now!

The new course additions include: HTML Fundamentals, CSS, HTML 5 and CSS. Java Fundamentals, iPhone Programming and Android Programming, Facebook Marketing, World Press Basics and more. Courses are available in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego and San Jose

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Final Cut Pro X Batch Export


By Oliver Peters

One of the “legacy” items that editors miss when switching to Final Cut Pro X is the batch export function. For instance, you might want to encode H.264 versions of numerous ProRes files from your production, in order to upload raw footage for client review. While FCP X can’t do it directly, there is a simple workaround that will give you the same results. It just takes a few steps.

Step one. The first thing to do is to find the clips that you want to batch export. In my example images, I selected all the bread shots from a grocery store commercial. These have been grouped into a keyword collection called “bread”. Next, I have to edit these to a new sequence (FCP X project) into order to export. These can be in a random order and should include the full clips. Once the clips are in the project, export an FCPXML from that project.

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8 Great New Features in Premiere Pro 


By Gerard Tay

Adobe Premiere Pro has seen very heavy development in 2013. From the mega workflow enhancer feature which is Direct Link with SpeedGrade, to integrating the tools of broadcast delivery with the Loudness Radar by TC Electronic, and many more, the past year has seen the editorial workflow in Premiere Pro significantly enhanced. While I have tried to cover most of the major updates, there have been some very notable features that I have missed out.

The features of the first Premiere Pro CC was unveiled at NAB last year which I attended, and a year on, here are some more coming your way.

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More Life For Your Mac Pro by Oliver Peters


To Upgrade Or Not?

I work a lot with a local college’s film production technology program as an advisor, editing instructor and occasionally as an editor on some of their professional productions. It’s a unique program designed to teach hands-on, below-the-line filmmaking skills. The gear has to be current and competitive, because they frequently partner with outside producers to turn out actual (not student) products with a combination of professional and student crews. The department has five Mac Pros that are used for editing, which I’ve recently upgraded to current standards, as they get ready for a new incoming class. The process has given me some thoughts about how to get more life out of your aging Apple Mac Pro towers, which I’ll share here.

Most Apple fans drool at the new Mac Pro “tube” computers, but for many, such a purchase simply isn’t viable. Maybe it’s the cost or the need for existing peripherals or other concerns, but many editors are still opting to get as much life as possible out of their existing Mac Pro towers.

In the case of the department, four of the machines are fast 2010 quad-cores and the fifth is a late 2008 eight-core. As long as your machine is an Intel of late 2008 or newer vintage, then generally it’s upgradeable to the most current software. Early 2008 and older is really pushing it. Anything before 2009 probably shouldn’t be used as a primary workhorse system. At 2009, you are on the cusp of whether it’s worth upgrading or not. 2010 and newer would be definitely solid enough to get a few more productive years out of the machine.

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Final Cut Pro Plug-Ins You Can't Live Without


By Shannon Hartman

Final Cut Pro X has been around now for over two years, and in that time many developers have been writing plug-ins to help enhance the editing process. The goal of this article is to share with you some of the amazing tools that have been developed to help speed up your workflow and bring some much needed tools back into the application. As we all continue to sharpen our editorial skills with FCP X there are some plugs-in that you just don't want to live without.

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Vizzywig Video Editor 5 for iOS - Upgrade


Interview with Michael Zaletel - Developer of Vizzywig

This past week, Vizzywig Video Editor for iOS made a significant update. We had the pleasure of talking with Michael Zaletel of i4software, the app developer about Vizzywig's update and his Fast Camera app too.

Now this past week you upgraded the app.  Tell us about that?  I believe you now have uploading capabilities to Dropbox, etc. Correct?

The new features include Audio Meter, 24p/60p, Hardware Video Stabilization, HD Multi-Camera with up to 16 devices. The new Dropbox support allows you to upload entire sessions with the finished movie and all source clips and an EDL file to DropBox so that you can easily collaborate with desktop editors and import your edited sessions into Desktop NLE tools like Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.

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Pro Audio To Turn - On Sale for $5.99 Now!


Turn Your iPhone Into A Professional Recording Device

"This is the audio recording app we have been waiting for, without even knowing we were waiting for it!  Incredible audio, with 48 Khz professional quality plus easy to use controls and a terrific user inferface.  Beautifully designed and engineered, a quantum leap for field audio recording."  Barry Clark, Producer, 'A Thousand Roads', 'Galapagos', 'Heart of Midnight'.

Pro Audio To Go turns your iPhone into a professional audio recorder for use on location by news reporters, journalists, documentarians, musicians, filmmakers, producers and editors.  With one tap on your iPhone, you can record an AIFF audio file in 48 kHz. Upload the file directly to a FTP server or email it, then download and instantly begin using it in your editing system's timeline.  No conversion necessary!

Designed for journalists at the Los Angeles CNN News Bureau and used by CNN on-air talent!

This app is ideal for any professional in news, documentary or film projects, music performance and production or anyone who needs to record audio or music on-the-go. In addition, you can use it for your own voice overs, podcasts and narrations, while you're working in your home or office!

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Tips for Multicamera Synchronization in Premiere Pro


By Gerard Tay

The Create Multicamera function in Premiere Pro is a very useful function. Besides using it to synchronise multi camera shoots, you can also use it to synchronise second system sound production. Here are some tips to get it to work better.

Premiere will force the order of the camera based on the selection order. This also means that if you named your clips in a particular way and you use the appropriate sorting order.

Premiere will use that information to sort out the camera order in the multicamera sequence. So if I select clip 2 followed by clip 1, and then create a multicamera sequence, Premiere will force clip 2 to be camera angle 1.

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