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We like to approach iApp development linearly. We don’t like surprises and we know you wouldn't either. So we nail down as many details as we possibly can before we actually begin writing the mobile app binary code.

We begin with lots of discussion about the vision for your app, or we can either help you develop your vision or follow your lead.

Some of the preparation includes creating icons, determining layout, designing app operations, developing templates for the content, and translating graphics into appropriate size and specs. In general, we make sure everything is prepared as it needs to be before moving forward.

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Development Process


Next we will create a graphical representation of the flow of your app development process which gives everyone involved a clear path to follow and keeps things moving smoothly.

We incorporate illustrations, icons, and artwork and create screen shots of what your app is actually going to look like before we begin writing the binary code.

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If you have an idea for a mobile app, or have content that you would like to port into an app, we would love to talk to you. Whether it's for an iPhone, iPad or Android, we can produce an app for your specific audience and needs.   

The process time from start to finish varies depending on the complexity of your app, as does the development cost. Since we are already a part of this revolution, we are happy to discuss shared ownership to offset costs.

So, feel free to call us (818) 995-1719 or email us and let's get started!

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