iPlayer Pro

The Perfect Marketing, Sales and Educational Tool

Mobile shopping will quite likely outpace traditional retail and other forms of ecommerce soon. iPlayerPro positions companies with merchandise, educational and media content to take advantage of this trend.

What is iPlayer Pro and What Can it do for you?

iPlayer Pro
is a marketing, educational and sales mobile application that works with an Apple iPad and other tablets.

It is a movie player, web browser, catalogue, and magazine. Its ability to be customized allows it to look and act as your company representative; the application will be renamed for your company and incorporate your company logos, your specific resource and support options and other company branding opportunities.  The iPlayerPro can be a partner and a powerful sales and marketing tool. 

Once inside iPlayer Pro, the user becomes a part of the your world with company logos prominently displayed, customized icons, specific resource and support options, and other custom features. The customized iPlayer Pro provides a base camp for the users and allows them to interact with their own communities on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Using iPlayer Pro on an iPad can give the user an experience similar to flipping through a magazine or catalogue. Retailers report that, according to their studies, consumers relax on their iPads, using them for shopping between 5:00PM and 11:00PM. Since the iPlayer Pro is updateable, new information can be sent to your user community based on recent products, features or other user information.

iPlayerPro can be updated, customized and repurposed and is fully tech supported.

For more information about how iPlayer Pro can revolutionize your marketing, sales and educational resources, call Rev Up at  (818) 995-1719 or email us now!  

Click the image below to see a short movie demonstration of iPlayer Pro.

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iPlayer Pro Features

Video Player and Content Viewer

As a content player, iPlayer Pro contains typical movie playback options.  Movies can be viewed in full screen mode and navigation buttons allow you to move forward or backward from one movie to the next giving users complete control over the way they watch content on iPlayer Pro.  However, you can load any kind of media from movies, powerpoint presentations, pdfs, audio, still photographs, etc. 

Content List

The Content List to the left of the movie area gives the user control over whatever content they want to view. By selecting a topic, that movie and/or powerpoint, etc. is loaded into the main viewing area. Turning on the Loop function allows the user to watch movie after movie full screen with no interruption. Once the content has been viewed, a checkmark appears on that particular title.

Internet Access

This feature, which is built into iPlayer Pro, allows your customers to browse any website, read any PDF, and stay on top of your products, services and news. Of course, through the customized icons beneath the movie area, you have the ability to direct the user to specific website destinations.

Customization and Branding

Your company's branding elements - colors, logo, trademarks,etc. designs – can all be incorporated as custom buttons and backgrounds to ensure your own branding look and feel throughout the iPlayer Pro app.

Social Networks

iPlayer Pro can connect users instantly to any of your social networks–such as Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, or your YouTube Channel – and give them the chance to share their experience with others or tweet about the content and your products.

Search Functions, Email and Updates

Inside iPlayer Pro, users can search your company's products or other information. No need to make them find you or your products on their own. Bring it to them directly and place your company in the palm of their hands.

You can email any content, movies, product literature, URLs, to anyone from inside iPlayer Pro.

The application can be updated and re-purposed as required.

How do your Customers and Employees Access the App


Smart Phones and Tablets

You can offer a fully loaded iPlayer Pro (renamed for your company) to your customers and employees as either a free or paid application through the iTunes Stores for IOS devices or through Android's Market Place.


You can offer your sales and marketing team and other employees a proprietary version for training and marketing purposes through an Enterprise Account. (Dunn and Broadstreet number required) or through your website.

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