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Importing in Final Cut Pro X

In the following tutorials, you will learn different ways to import footage in Final Cut Pro X. New tutorials will be added in the coming weeks so check back often to learn more ways to gather your story elements.

Introduction to Gathering Story Elements

Every new editing project presents an editor with the exciting possibilities of a fresh, new canvas. It can be a time of creative anticipation, or a time to feel the adrenaline rush of a deadline. Either way, the process for both editor and Final Cut Pro always begins with the same question: what elements do you want to gather and import and use to tell your story?

The good news is that you can import just about anything your project needs. From still photos and MP3 audio files, to digital SLRs and 4K resolutions, FCP can import footage from a variety of devices and a host of media formats. In fact, FCP natively supports more formats than ever, with a resolution independent approach to editing that gives you an unprecedented choice of project content that you can mix and match.


Just as the options for what you want to import have increased, so have the steps for import decreased, as FCP now takes over many of the tasks previously required of you. Simply make selections on what you want to import, and how you want to import it, and Final Cut Pro goes to work in the background to organize, transcode and optimize footage, freeing you up to get started on the most important task of all – viewing and editing the story you want to tell.

Importing Video for an iSight or Facetime Camera

Importing Video from iMovie

Importing from iPhoto or Aperture