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Pro Audio To Go - FAQ

If you purchased our PRO AUDIO TO GO app, or you are thinking of Purchasing, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

1. What's the difference between a Line In XRL cable and a Mic XLR cable

Answer:  With a Line-in cable, you can plug in another device like a mixer or like a phantom powered mic that has internal battery power, whereas the XLR cable only allows you to plug in headphones.

2. Can I use this app with a Phantom Powered mic?

Answer:  If your Phantom-powered mic has internal battery power, then yes you can use it with this app.  If your app requires external power, then you would have to supply that power in order for it to work with this app.  This is, unfortunately, a limitation of the iPhone's power not the app.

3. Can I use this app on my iPad?

Answer:  Yes, you can.

4. How can I edit this audio?

Answer: On the iPhone or iPad you can take the audio into iMovie and edit it there, or you transfer the audio to your computer and use any editing system.

5. Can I use video with this app?

Answer:  If you have iMovie on your iPhone or iPad, then you can edit this audio, to your video, using iMovie.

6. Does this app record timecode?

Answer:  The app records timecode similar to how some cameras record timecode starting at zero hours and minutes. This timecode is compatible with editing systems.

7. How can I sync this audio to video?

Answer:  Record a slate or sound reference such as clapping your hands at the beginning of the recording to use as a sync reference. You can also find an offset between the Pro Audio To Go audio timecode and your recorded video timecode.

8. Does this app record in stereo or mono?

Answer:  The app currently records a stereo file.  In an upcoming revision you will be able to choose a mono option.

9. How do I get my audio files off the iPhone?

Answer: In addition to emailing or uploading your files to a FTP sites, you can plug in your iPhone into your computer and in iTunes, under Apps - Pro Audio To Go - you can drag and drop them to your desktop or into another application.

10. I don't see the Settings button on the iPhone?

Answer:  Make sure that the Service Mode is turned on under the main Settings on your iPhone.

11. What if the app isn't working properly?

Answer: First, try turning off other apps you have open. Secondly, do a hard shut down of your iPhone.

12. The app is still not working?

Answer: Try re-downloading the app from the iTunes store.  Sometimes glitches can happen during the download process.  Re-installing the app should fix most issues.

13.  How do I get my files off my phone if I can't access them on the phone?

Answer:  You can transfer the files to iTunes, since these files aren't memos, you transfer them to your computer, then from within iTunes, you can add them to your library. To do that follow these steps:

1. Connect your iPhone to computer.

2. Open iTunes, and click on the Apps tab.

3. Scroll down to beneath the list of apps and look for Pro Audio To Go. Click it.

4. In the Pro Audio To Go Documents window, select the files you want to transfer.

5. Transfer them onto your computer in a waiting folder. You can just drag and drop or complete #6.

6. From within iTues, click Files>Add to Library, and navigate to this folder to import the Files.

If you have any other questions, please email me at, or call us at (877) 372-0005