iKeysToGo: Adobe Photoshop iPhone App Update

iKeys To Go: Adobe Photoshop Updated for CS5.5 Just Released

iKeys To Go: Photoshop CS5.5 is a personal shortcut assistant packed with both PC and Mac keyboard shortcuts, a complete list of the application's commands, and a definition for each command. It's designed to be a truly dynamic learning tool for all Photoshop users from beginners to professionals.

iKeys To Go is developed by Diana Weynand, co-owner of Rev Up Transmedia and the author of several books about editing and video including the Apple Pro Training Series books:  Final Cut Pro X,

“Even though my company has trained the highest level of users at movie studios and television networks in Hollywood, we realize that Photoshop isn’t just for professionals – it’s for everyone,” says Weynand. “But not all users know Photoshop well enough to incorporate some of its features or to cut corners by using its more than 450 keyboard shortcuts. That’s why we created iKeysToGo for Photoshop and continue to update it when Adobe releases new software versions.”

Adds Weynand, “There are 3 important things NOT to do when learning Photoshop. I call them my 3 don’ts.”

#1 – DON’T WASTE TIME searching for a keyboard shortcut in the app itself. Instead, just enter the command in the iKeys To Go Command search field and find not only the shortcut but a simple, clear and concise definition as well.”

#2 – DON’T MISS OUT on the opportunity to learn new Photoshop commands when you’re away from your computer. Browsing through the iKeys T oGo Photoshop Menus and Groups lists is an excellent way to bone up on those features you use less often.”

#3 – DON’T FORGET WHAT YOU’VE LEARNED! The hallmark of any good learning tool is that it reinforces what you’ve just learned. With iKeys To Go: Photoshop CS5.5, simply tag a command you’re learning as a favorite, then call up that list the next time you open Photoshop. You’re list of favorites are always just a click away.”

iKeys To Go: Photoshop CS5.5 is a must–have reference and learning tool for all Photoshop users, from high-end professional graphic artists, to students, to Mom’s who use Photoshop for their kids’ projects.” Priced at just $1.99, this application is available now on the iTunes App Store.

For more information:

Shirley Craig (818) 995-1719 or email

Apple Training Center



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