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The Video Workshop - eLearning Course

eLearning Course, The Video Workshop, on sale today

Leading entertainment industry training company and mobile app developer, Rev Up Transmedia (formerly Weynand Training), announced the release today of The Video Workshop, an on-line eLearning Course.

"Everybody today is shooting video in some form or another. Whether it’s just for their personal use on YouTube or for a major Hollywood production company, we feel that this course will empower people to learn more video.” Says Diana Weynand, President of Rev Up Transmedia and best-selling author of “How Video Works.” “Topics like the color difference signal, compression, differences between high definition and standard definition aren’t always included in the standard production courses taught at film schools across the nation and oftentimes it’s hard to master this knowledge while on the job. So, we thought we’d fill that gap and provide people with the opportunity to easily acquire this valuable information which may be missing from their knowledge base.”

This course, selling for $7.99, is aimed at giving not only video students and professionals alike a fundamental knowledge of video but literally anyone who is shooting or editing video. The online learning portal contains eleven modules, each one about five-twelve minutes in length. There is a quiz at the end of each module and a ‘Learn More About It’ page for participants, who want to research more on each topic.

Some of the topics contained in the learning modules are: Analog Video, Color Video, The Color Difference Signal, Horizontal and Vertical Blanking, Interlace and Progressive Scanning, Digital Television Standards, High Definition Television, Audio for Video and Compression.

“If you don’t know the difference between spatial and temporal compression, what a progressively segmented frame is and where the color burst is located on a waveform monitor, you owe it to yourself to invest in this course.” Shirley Craig, of Rev Up Transmedia adds.

Once enrolled in the course, you have access 24/7, without any limitations, to the content through Rev Up Transmedia’s on-line learning portal.

Rev Up Training (formerly Weynand Training) is a leader in developing mobile applications, producing and delivering content as well as creating eLearning solutions on any subject for businesses, corporations and classrooms.  Rev Up, based in Los Angeles, is proud to be honored as an Apple Gold Level Training Center delivering certified and customized on-site training on Final Cut Pro, Motion, Avid and the Adobe Creative Suite to clients worldwide.

For more information:

Shirley Craig (818) 995-1719 or email

Apple Training Center



Rev Up are the industry's best!
Joe Cowell, Shoebox Productions, Nashville, TN

I learned everything I needed to know to start editing my own film in Rev Up's class.
Lynne Schultz, Austin, TX

Best teachers I have ever had. No BS! 
Edwin Samuelson, Video Editor, NYC, New York

Surpassed all expectations. An incredible amount of information gently presented with expert style. Thanks!
Paul Reyman, IT Administrator, Fashion Institute of Tech, NY

It was fantastic! I would highly recommend Rev Up's course for anyone wanting to learn FCP. Thank you very much.
Natalie Gibbons, Fox Sports, Los Angeles, CA

Exceptional. This class was able to answer so many of the mysteries of FCP. Impressive! 
Lois Freeman Fox, Film Division, Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, CA

Great class, great teacher! I know this material and how complicated it is and she taught it well to people that were totally new.
Annalee Wooster, Los Angeles, CA

Excellent, the introduction, demonstrations, individual practice and reviews were perfectly paced. 
Ellen DeFazio, Teacher, Patchoque Medford Schools, NYC, New York

Truly gifted at presentation and very well organized.
Kurt Brabbee, Pasadena, CA

Great instructor. Lucky to be a student in Rev Up's class.
Carol Tenney, Los Angeles, CA

Excellent teacher, the class made FCP very easy to understand and she is excited about the material,
which made the class very interesting to me. I enjoyed her enthusiasm during class.
Jennifer Lehman, Valley Village, CA

Fantastic instruction.
Sue Braun, Westminnster, CA


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